What Does Psalm 31:1 Mean?

In You, O LORD, I have taken refuge; Let me never be ashamed; In Your righteousness deliver me.

Psalm 31:1(NASB)

Verse Thoughts

This psalm is the entreaty of a believer in times of deep distress and severe sorrow but as in all of David’s complaints and distresses, he inevitably restates his abiding confidence in the faithfulness of God, for David knew that there was nowhere else to fly to and there was no-one else in which to place his trust.

Although this entire psalm restates his overflowing grief and grievances, nevertheless his prayer begins, ends with a proclamation of God’s trustworthiness, and an entreaty for God’s deliverance. David knew that his God is the first and the last the alpha and the omega the beginning and the end of everything, for God alone can be trusted.

It is the trusting heart that has confidence in God’s character and believes His promises that pleases the Lord and it is such a man that remains persuaded of God’s never-failing goodness no matter what difficulties rise up to confound the heart or confuse the mind. Such a man is a man after God’s own heart.

Faith is expressed in prayer and prevailing prayer is an expression of faith and David pleads God's righteousness as the legitimate reason for his own cry of deliverance. His trust in the Lord rested on the promises of our covenant-keeping God, for He has placed His word above His holy name.

When we trust in the Lord we may be sure that no matter what bitter circumstances of life rise up against us, the Lord will always be our refuge and strength, our anchor and our deliverer even when we don’t understand – for He has promised.

My Prayer

Loving Father, like David I have taken my refuge in You and I trust in Your sure Word and never-failing promises. For Your righteous names sake, I pray Father that You will deliver me out of the difficulties I am facing today and give me the grace to get through - in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

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