Psalm 141 Devotional Commentary

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  • Psalm 141
Psalm 141:2

Psalm 141:2

The thought of our prayers ascending to the Lord in heaven in the cool of the evening, as a sweet-smelling fragrance to our Heavenly Father, is most beautiful to contemplate.

As a child calls out to his attentive father for help, or as a mother strains to hear and respond to the cries of her nursing child, so the ear of the Lord is ever open to the feeble cries of His children.

The psalmist

Psalm 141:3

Psalm 141:3

How we should cry out to the Lord each moment of the day, to guide us into the way of godliness and to deliver us from those that practice their wicked ways. The Lord hears the cries of all His children and is not slow to respond to our pleading call, and He is not slack in fulfilling the many precious promises that He has made towards us.

David was an example of a man that regularly called out to God, asking that the thoughts of read more...