Psalm 103 Devotional Commentary

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Psalm 103:2

The psalms so often call upon us to bless the Lord with our whole being and never to forget all the multiplied benefits of His grace and goodness that are poured down on us in such abundance, day by day. Manifold are his mercies which are new every morning, and how pleasing it is to the Father to hear the reverent praise and grateful worship that comes from a heart that truly loves Him.

To bless the Lord means to delight in HIM read more...

Psalm 103:3

Every good and perfect gift comes from God above, but there is no more precious and lasting gift than that of the forgiveness of our sins. God's forgiveness of sinners is exclusively and singularly tied to the Cross of Calvary and the blood of Christ that was shed for many for the remission of sin and the redemption of mankind.

Only the death and Resurrection of Jesus is sufficient to pay the full and costly price for the sin of read more...

Psalm 103:3

Assuredly, we should bless the Lord with the whole of our being, for the Lord inhabits the praises of His children. Surely, we should sing and make joyful music in our hearts to the Lord our God, for He alone is worthy of all the glory and might, majesty and dominion, power, praise, and blessing.

This is no self-centred, superficial form of worship, but a yearning desire deep within that is overwhelmed by Who God is and what He read more...

Psalm 103:4

This great psalm of praise, rehearses the multiplied blessings and eternal benefits that the everlasting Creator has poured out in great abundance on the children of men and the people of Israel.

Our very life has been redeemed from the pit of the dead, for not only are we forgiven of our sins and the beneficiaries of eternal life, by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, but part of that free gift of grace was to redeem read more...

Psalm 103:5

David, the shepherd king of Israel, gives the most beautiful and complete exhortation to bless the Lord for His grace and mercy, as he catalogues many unfathomable truths within this simple and well-loved Psalm.

He offers the most far-reaching entreaty to give thanks and praise to our great God and eternal Redeemer as, step by step, he details the magnificent, redemptive truth that mirrors our own Christian walk.


Psalm 103:8

The eternal and interlinked attributes and essence of the Lord started to be unfolded to humanity at the start of Scripture, and all His beautiful characteristics are intertwined with each other and interlaced together. It seems likely that they will continue to be revealed to us as our understanding of Him keeps growing throughout the eternal ages to come. From the start to the end of Scripture, the Lord shows Himself to be compassionate and gracious, slow to read more...

Psalm 103:12

What a glorious hymn of praise David penned, for though originally written to rejoice in the everlasting faithfulness of the Lord towards His people, Israel, this beautiful verse is as relevant today for the Church. And it will remain relevant in the eternal ages to come, for every man and woman who has ever trusted in the Lord Jesus, the Saviour of the World.

The universe, we are told, is expanding, and the Bible indicates that read more...

Psalm 103:13

So much exciting truth has been condensed into a few short verses in Psalm 103, that it should rejoice our heart, still our soul, provide encouragement, and cause us to gaze in utter wonderment and awe at the God Who created us, redeemed us, and upholds us moment by moment by the might of His powerful hand.

We are not worthy to gather up the crumbs under His table, and yet we have been raised up together with Christ and seated read more...

Psalm 103:19

The Lord God Almighty is great and highly to be praised, and despite the vain attempts and aspirations of foolish men and fallen angels, the everlasting throne of the eternal God is without comparison. It is firmly fixed in heavenly places and cannot be moved.

God is His own designer, and He is the great master-builder Who laid both the foundation of the earth and the capstone of His heavenly seat, which is established both now read more...