Psalm 17 Devotional Commentary

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Psalm 17:1

The Lord hears and responds to every spoken and unspoken prayer, every whispered cry, every word of grateful thanks, every prayer petition that is pleaded in the inner sanctuary of the heart. He hears every intercessor who pleads the blood of Christ in his prayer closet and every little prayer arrow that is quickly shot into the throne-room of grace.

God responds to the heart-cry when those sudden emergencies engulf our peace, for read more...

Psalm 17:15

How blessed are we who have been saved by grace through faith in Christ, and how often we find encouragement, comfort, peace, and hope in the Psalms of David, whose words so often reflect the joy we also have in the Lord and bring to our remembrance the many precious promises that are ours in Christ.

Psalm 17 was written when David was encompassed about by evil enemies who sought to destroy him. He was surrounded by depraved men read more...