Psalm 15 Devotional Commentary

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Psalm 15:1

In this Psalm we find David contemplating the character of the man or woman who is fit to enter into the house of God and abide there. He explores the attributes of the one who is qualified to dwell in the holy residence of the Lord, forever.

David was a man after God's own heart... because he trusted the Lord. And David came to an understanding that the behaviour of a man or woman of God should be reflected in that person's read more...

Psalm 15:2

In the previous Psalm, David identified the man who denies the existence of God, and who refuses His offer of salvation by grace through faith in His Word of truth.. as the natural man - the unbelieving fool, who has said in his heart: 'there is no God'.

In this precious Psalm however he lists the qualities of the spiritual man, whose faith is credited to him as righteousness. David addresses the rhetorical question to God Himself read more...