Psalm 9 Devotional Commentary

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Psalm 9:7

It has been suggested that this song of victory and thanksgiving from David, is to commemorate the defeat of Goliath, the great giant of Gath. But whatever the cause for celebration, this psalm explodes into excited ecstasy and jubilant joy, in which David looks forward to God's final triumph over all the enemies and antagonists of the people of God; that time when Christ sets up His future kingdom and all enemies are placed under His feet.


Psalm 9:10

How precious that we can say, "I know the 'unknowable' name of YHWH." His name is JESUS. He is truly a gracious God, full of loving-kindness and goodness. He is a faithful, forgiving, and merciful God, Who is long-suffering towards those who believe in the wonderful name of the only begotten Son of God.

He is Salvation to the sinner, Refuge to the saint, Comfort to the afflicted, Strength to the weak, read more...

Psalm 9:18

Psalm 9 reminds us we should not only remember the wonder of God and His great blessings and deliverances, but should continually exalt Him, praise Him, and thank Him, both privately and in public, for all His grace and favour towards us.

He deserves honour and praise for the help He provides day by day - both the protection we are given from our enemies and the deliverance we receive from our adversaries who seek our downfall and read more...