Psalm 63 Devotional Commentary

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Psalm 63:1

Life often takes us through the weary place and the parched wilderness on this journey through life, where only God can provide the comfort and sustenance we desperately need. He alone is our present help in time of trouble, and His compassion and mercy towards us is new every morning. How precious that as His children, we can legitimately cry out, "O God, You are MY God."

It was David who penned this hymn of

Psalm 63:3

When David pours out his heart into one of his many psalms of prayer and praise to the Lord, his words often quicken an air of rejoicing in our own lives, for we too can identify with some of the many hardships he faced, and we too can also bear witness to the wealth of joy that he proclaimed, for joy in the Lord and the joy of the Lord was the strength that David received from the Lord, as it is for so many of His children.

In

Psalm 63:8

From beginning to end, David the shepherd king cries out in intense longing to God. He displays a deep yearning for the Lord, a soul-thirst that only his Heavenly Father can satisfy.

His whole spirit, soul, and body pants out in passionate desire for spiritual refreshment, which God alone can supply. And David clings tight hold of His Redeemer King knowing that only in Him will he find lasting peace, for only God's righteous right read more...