2 Chronicles Devotional Commentary

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2 Chronicles 1:11

When Solomon became king of Israel, we read that the Lord God appeared to him one night in a dream and asked this young man what he desired most and what request he would ask to receive of the Lord.

Solomon recognised that God had shown loving-kindness to his father, increased his kingdom, and fulfilled all the promises He made to the great king David. And so, we read that the young king Solomon requested "wisdom and read more...

2 Chronicles 6:30

Once the great Temple of Solomon had been constructed according to the pattern that was given, and after the various furnishings and fittings had been completed, the young king called the nation together and blessed the whole congregation - rehearsing his great proclamation in the ears of the entire nation, before dedicating the magnificent building to the Lord, with his heartfelt prayer for the nation of Israel.

Solomon prayed a

2 Chronicles 16:9

As Christians, we are children of God, fellow-heirs with Christ, citizens of heaven, and God's ambassadors in a foreign land, and yet too often we set our hopes on things of this world when life begins to spiral out of control.

Instead of maintaining unbroken fellowship with the Lord and looking to our Heavenly Father for help and sustenance, too often we leave our first love and turn to our bank-balance or earthly relationships read more...