Obadiah Devotional Commentary

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Obadiah 1:4

The shortest book in the Bible, Obadiah, delivered a prophecy of destruction against Edom and the Edomites who were the direct descendants of Esau. He was the rebellious twin brother of Jacob, who despised his birth-right and sold it for a measly mess of pottage.

Obadiah means 'servant of Yahweh' and his name is the singular, identifying mark of this man, for his lineage was not disclosed in Scripture and there is no significant read more...

Obadiah 1:21

Although it is only has 21 short verses, the book of Obadiah has a major message to deliver. It rehearses, with powerful candour, God's hatred of sin, His righteous demand for vengeance on His enemies, and His judgement on the gentile nations, who oppress His people.

But Obadiah also identifies God's wonderful plan of redemption for the oppressed nation of Israel. He speaks of God's gracious blessing on believing Jews, which read more...