2 John Devotional Commentary

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2 John 1:1

The aging apostle John wrote a brief letter to a godly woman and her children, encouraging them to hold fast to that which is good and true.. as outlined in the Word of truth, but also warning them to be on their spiritual guard... for false teachers and doctrines of demons, which were aggressively infiltrating the body of Christ in those early days of the Church - just as they are today.. in these final days of the dispensation of grace.


2 John 1:2

John is often called, 'the apostle of love', and here he expressed his Christian love in a short letter to the 'elect lady' and her children, because they were all born of the Spirit; children of God; one with the Lord; positioned in Christ and part of His Body - which is the Church. John rejoiced.. because like him they were accepted in the Beloved; indwelt by the Holy Sprit; seated in heavenly places and walking in spirit and truth.


2 John 1:4

Whether this epistle was written to a particular lady and her own children or referred to believers who had come to faith through her word and witness, is not the main issue. John was expressing his great joy at finding that some of her children were walking in spirit and truth. They were being guided by the truth of the gospel of grace and living in obedience to the command that had been received from the Father.

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2 John 1:5

It is a spirit of godly love that perfumes the path of believers who are walking in the truth and obeying Christ's command to love each other as Christ loved us and gave Himself for us. Love is a subject that threads its way through the writings of John, who is often referred to as 'the apostle of love'. It is the intermarriage of truth and love that weaves its message throughout all of John's writing.

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