Psalm 8 Devotional Commentary

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Psalm 8:3

Whether you stand gazing at the deep midnight-blue sky where a multitude of shimmering diamond-studded stars are twinkling overhead or whether you pick up an authoritative journal that outlines the staggering dimensions and design of the Milky Way, the innumerable numbers of other gigantic galaxies or countless number of stars that are visible to the human eye, you can do little more than wonder about our astonishing Creator Who, at a moment before time began and read more...

Psalm 8:4

As he contemplated the vast expanse of God's glorious creative handiwork where, by the might of His power and His wisdom, God spoke time, space, and matter into being (from nothing), the Psalmist utters words that confound all God's children: "What is man, that thou art mindful of him?" "Who am I," David asks, "that God should care for me and who are you that God should take note of you?" What is man, that God should visit him and bestow on him read more...