Psalm 22 Devotional Commentary

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Psalm 22:1

All Scripture is inspired by God, but some passages cause us to take off our shoes from off our feet, for the content they communicate is most holy and precious. It was David that was caused to pen these prophetic words which were uttered by our Saviour on the Cross, when He bore the sin of the world in His body on the Tree.

No matter what caused David to pen this Psalm, we remember the solemn event which it foreshadowed. For read more...

Psalm 22:3

In bygone days, the first line of a Psalm was often the title of that whole song, and the opening words of this poignantly prophetic Psalm is no exception, for these were the very words that the Lord Jesus Christ cried out from the Cross when He was made sin for your sins and for mine: "My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken me?"

From beginning to end, Psalm 22 is identified as one of the most significant read more...