Psalm 90 Devotional Commentary

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Psalm 90:2

The book of Genesis tells us about the beginning of creation, but before time and space and matter were brought into being, before the universe came into existence and before man was made in His image and likeness - there was only God.

God is and has always been and will be forever and ever, and the Psalmist seeks to place this concept that is inconceivable to the mind of man into perspective, with the words: "From read more...

Psalm 90:12

Too often, we think in terms of years and make plans for the far distant future, and yet we are instructed to live one day at a time and not to even worry ourselves about the needs of tomorrow, for each day has sufficient trouble of its own.

The children of Israel were given one day's supply of manna in the wilderness in order that they might learn to trust in the read more...

Psalm 90:17

Moses was a man of God who spent much of his ministry to Israel calling for them to trust in the Lord, and to turn from their sin of unbelief and rebellion. In this beautiful Psalm, Moses compares and contrasts the eternal God with mortal man. He differentiates between the brevity of humanity's fleeting life, which ebbs and flows like a wave that kisses the shore for a fleeting moment, and the eternal state of the Lord. He shows the disparity between the matchless read more...