Psalm 85 Devotional Commentary

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Psalm 85:7

The Lord is full of loving-kindness and tender mercies to all who will call out to Him for help - and like the children of Israel who so often cried out to the Lord when they strayed from the paths of righteousness, we too can cry to the Lord our God to show us His loving-kindness and to grant us His salvation.

Whether wilfully or through a small series of downward steps, we too can find ourselves straying from the paths of truth read more...

Psalm 85:10

Psalm 85 was written by an unnamed son of Korah, who had a real heart for Israel and an understanding of God's plans and purposes for His chosen nation. The psalmist desired a complete revival and restoration for Israel, which can be seen throughout the prayer he offered. 

He opened his song of praise and petition by thanking God for turning His burning anger away from His disobedient people, pardoning their sins, bringing the read more...