Psalm 12 Devotional Commentary

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Psalm 12:1

The Word of God stands fast or falls flat, on the character of God. If God is true and righteous, just and good, eternal and unchanging then the words of His mouth and the proclamations of His heart are equally secure and eternally immovably.

It is with this strong trust in the veracity and righteousness of the Lord that so many of David's cries for help are anchored. It is because he has faith in God.. and trusts in the read more...

Psalm 12:6

The foundation and fabric of society was crumbling in David's day, as is happening in today. Twisted truth and double-speak is still the order of our day and age.. and the man of integrity is increasingly labelled as mean-minded, bigoted and resistant to progress. And like David we cry to the Lord to save us from the deceptive words and slanderous suggestions of the wicked.. and to intervene once again in the affairs of a race that is overflowing with evil, read more...