Psalm 6 Devotional Commentary

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Psalm 6:9

David was seriously ill in body, deeply distressed in mind, and spiritually sapped by the mounting pressures and numerous enemies that surrounded him on every side. This caused him to pen his distressing lament: "Have mercy on me O Lord and heal my bones, my soul is greatly troubled." But David had not yet come to a full understanding that God is an ever present help in time of trouble, that the mercies of God are new every morning, and that He is read more...

Psalm 6:10

David's plaintive prayer and earnest supplication in Psalm 6 reaches the inner recesses of the hurting heart and impacts the soul of all who are going through times of deep distress or encompassed about by those who mock us, abuse us, or falsely spew out all manner of evil against us.

David's desolate cry becomes the voice of one whose throat is powerless to communicate their inner pain. It expresses words of desperate despair read more...