Psalm 102 Devotional Commentary

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Psalm 102:25

This verse recalls the prayer of a man that is severely afflicted by all the distressing circumstances of life that were battering him. He is crying out to the Lord for mercy, both for himself and for his afflicted nation, Israel. He is a man that can neither eat nor sleep and whose bitter tears of woe are flowing from his eyes to mingle in with his drink. He feels God is ignoring his prayers and likens himself to a doomed prisoner on death row, awaiting his read more...

Psalm 102:27

The urgent cry of help from this deeply distressed man at the beginning of this psalm, is a prayer from one who is overwhelmed by life's circumstances and the ongoing reproach of his enemies. His plaintive lament and urgent plea for God's immediate intervention is intensified as he describes his painful physical state and distraught emotional condition.

His intense pain caused the psalmist to describe his days as being consumed read more...