Psalm 30 Devotional Commentary

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Psalm 30:2

There are many times we cry out to the Lord for His healing touch in our lives and on our bodies. We often call out to God for some restorative miracle for a friend or acquaintance who has been struck down with a serious health issue or life-threatening complaint, but too often we forget to give God the thanks and praise for His healing touch in our life, and for health restored. Too often we simply commend the skill of the doctor or applaud the success of the read more...

Psalm 30:5

As we travel through life, we experience many occasions of difficulty and pain, often a product of our own actions, attitudes, or foolish indifference towards God or others. But the chastening rod of our Father in heaven is short-lived, and the momentary affliction we receive from His Fatherly hand is for our beneficial training and is beyond all comparison with the eternal weight of glory that awaits us, in Christ.

For those that