Psalm 143 Devotional Commentary

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Psalm 143:1

From beginning to end, this psalm of David is a petition and prayer to the Lord that covers every possible eventuality that is likely to touch each of our lives at one time or another. He calls out to the Lord to hear his prayer, to pay heed to his supplication, and to answer him according to His faithfulness, for the psalmist knows that the Lord is faithful and will answer him in His righteousness. David cries for mercy and forgiveness, which flows into a deeper read more...

Psalm 143:8

Whether it was seeking refuge from His enemies, in deep repentance for His transgressions, or to worship and glorify God, the foundation upon which the prayer and praises of David rested was the righteousness, faithfulness, and goodness of God.

David learned many things about the Lord in his life-time, and one important lesson was that no matter how dark the night of doubt and sorrow, how mountainous the problems he had to face, read more...

Psalm 143:10

In Psalm 143, David laments his circumstances and feels that every step he takes is under attack from his enemies, who are persecuting his soul. He feels that his life is being pounded and pulverised into the ground. He complains that he is being forced to be entombed in dark places, like those that are already in the grave, and he cries out for the Lord to hear his supplication and to answer him, because God is faithful and righteous.