Psalm 42 Devotional Commentary

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Psalm 42:1

A depth of urgency and deep pathos is captured in these verses as the metaphor of a weary hind, parched from the blistering heat of the day, is exhausted from the pounding pursuit of howling hounds, who are relentlessly hot on her trail and baying for her blood.

In the blistering heat of the noonday sun, together with her inner turmoil from the baying dogs, and a pounding heart of trembling fear, the little panting hind's longing read more...

Psalm 42:2

The intense heart-yearnings of the Psalmist for the Lord and his deep pleading enquiry to know the whereabouts of his God, resounds like the repetitive tolling of a bell through the intensely personal pleadings of Korah in his Psalm. He had to work through his restless despair before he finally reached victory in his heart and a deep satisfaction within his soul.

The soul that thirsts for the Lord and pants for God (and keeps on read more...