Psalm 29 Devotional Commentary

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Psalm 29:3

In this short psalm of reverent worship, mighty men of the earth are duty-bound to give honour and praise to the great God of the universe. To Him alone is ascribed glory, for He is the One that sets men up in their place to carry out His eternal plans. He is the One that removes men from their thrones, for He is the Almighty God of Glory. His sovereignty is over all the earth and He is the One that "rules over the kingdom of men," for no-one read more...

Psalm 29:11

The Lord is all-powerful, and He is eternally omnipotent. He has no rival in the heavens above and no equal in the earth beneath, or the waters below the earth. His strength brings protection, help, mercy, and joy – and the Lord will strengthen the weary and give grace to those who are humble of heart. From start to finish, this glorious song of David declares the splendour and wonder of the Lord God Almighty Whose name is great, Whose glory is everlasting, and read more...