Psalm 139 Devotional Commentary

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Psalm 139:1

We are told that no one knows the heart of a man except himself - and how we love to give a false image of ourselves to one another. How we try to justify keeping the truth of who we really are, a secret from other people. But whatever masks we use in front of family, friends, and other folks - God knows. The Lord knows every little thing about us, for God knows everything.

He knows all about us, past, present, and future. He read more...

Psalm 139:2

So many of the psalms of David have become special favourites to generations of God's children for this "man after God’s own heart" so often pens the inner-thoughts that flood our own minds, as we reflect on the wonders of our Heavenly Father and as we consider man's many imperfections in the light of His glorious perfection.

How many of us have spent much, if not all, of our lives hiding behind a protective read more...

Psalm 139:4

We are fearfully and wonderfully made, and every stanza of this beautiful Psalm drips with God's greatness and tenderness and gives us a glimpse into the unfathomable knowledge of our eternal Creator. Our God is unknowable, and yet He has granted us a peep into His magnificence, beauty and infinite wisdom. He knows us intimately and is able to search out the hidden thoughts of our mind and secret intentions of our heart.

Our God

Psalm 139:13

The wonder, glory, and sovereignty of the Lord, weaves its way like a golden thread of wonderment, through so many of David's psalms, but none so beautifully than Psalm 139.

The shepherd king of Israel is deeply affected by the overarching supremacy of God, over the conception and formation of a new little human being. He is awe-stuck by the intricate form of each tiny baby, as it is knitted together in secret - within the read more...

Psalm 139:16

We are fearfully and wonderfully made, for we are the work of the Father's hand. What a comfort and joy to know that although we do not see the Lord, He not only sees us but knows us intimately and has each of one of us in His thoughts constantly.

He fashioned and formed us, He selected our parentage, and He scheduled every day of our lives. Each one of us can say with certainty: "Your eyes saw me in my mother’s read more...

Psalm 139:23

This well-loved, and oft recited Psalm of David, opens our understanding to the greatness and majesty of our awesome God. It gives us a glimpse into His omniscience, His omnipotence, and His omnipresence. It reminds us that God knows every aspect of our lives and is interested in the smallest detail of our existence. This great and mighty God has planned every day of our life and searches out each thought of our heart read more...