What Does Hebrews 10:35 Mean?

Therefore, do not throw away your confidence, which has a great reward.

Hebrews 10:35(NASB)

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The book of Hebrews is not for unbelievers, but for those that are maturing in the Christian faith... and it has been beloved by countless generations of believers. Hebrews contains a wealth of spiritual truths to help us in our spiritual growth, but we must never forget that it was originally written to early Jewish Christians who had to come to terms with the fact that 'in Christ' we are no longer under law but under grace.

As a result, Hebrews quotes many Old Testament passages and we find many references back to the oracles of God, and much that is written by these holy men of God, provide some serious warnings against developing legalism in the Body of Christ. We are warned NOT to fall into the same spiritual snares as Israel.

Much of the content of the book of Hebrews draws parallels between the pre-Cross dispensation of Law and the post-Cross dispensation of the grace of God - and the lessons that the Church can learn today from studying Israel's past failure, are of paramount significance in these closing days of history. I encourage us to explore the experiences of Israel - to avoid their mistakes, to learn from their successes, to gain strength to endure, and to press on for the high toward the goal of our calling - to press on unto perfection.

There are some very specific warnings to heed, a great many words of encouragement and strength, and some important lessons for all Christians to learn within Israel's past history. Born-again believers who have been saved by grace through faith in Christ, are warned of the consequences of drifting from the truth of God's Word and the danger of failing to enter God's promised rest.

We are cautioned of the peril of not pressing on to maturity and warned against developing an attitude of indifference - while in this passage we are counselled of the danger of wilful sin and warned about throwing away our trust in God - our faith in His Word. "Therefore, do not throw away your confidence," we are implored, "which has a great reward."

There are five very specific warnings in Hebrews, and this one cautions against carelessness in our spiritual walk. We are warned not to drift from the faith or doubt God's goodness. We are not to distort the truth, despise the Lord, or deny Him the right to govern our lives. We are not to shrink back from the courageous profession of our faith, but to be bold and stand firm on the truth of the glorious gospel of God, for which we will receive great recompense of reward.

We are to be faithful in every circumstance of life so that God is honoured through our testimony. We are to walk in spirit and truth as we die to our own desires and seek to do His perfect will for our live. All warning passages caution us against spiritual negligence, but all are followed by words of helpful, spiritual encouragement.

In this verse we are encouraged, therefore, not to throw away our confidence in Christ which has a great and lasting reward. How tempting it can be, to start to rely on our own abilities and resources, in preference to trusting the Lord and depending upon His provision. However, we are exhorted not to lean on our own, human understanding and trust in our own provision, nor are we to depend on others to the exclusion of our Heavenly Father.

We are not to become weary in well-doing or abandon the work that God has assigned us to do. We are to keep on keeping on... and are to occupy until the Lord comes, for we are promised that in due season we shall reap a substantial reward, if we patiently endure and do not faint.

Let us hold fast to that which is good and seek to do everything to the glory of God... so that our whole spirit and soul and body may be preserved complete and blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ for His praise and glory.

My Prayer

Heavenly Father, thank You for the Word of truth and the warnings and encouragement that it contains for our spiritual learning and Christian maturity. I pray that I may be faithful to You in thought, word, and deed, and thank You for Your many precious promises which are 'yes' and 'amen' in Christ Jesus my Saviour, in Whose name I pray, AMEN.

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