Hebrews 4 Devotional Commentary

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Hebrews 4:9

In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth and brought everything into being - time, matter, space, and life. God spoke, the Spirit moved, and in six days He not only established the world and breathed His life into Adam, but gave man dominion over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and every animal and creeping thing that moved on the face of the earth... and God saw it was good - very good.

On the seventh

Hebrews 4:10

When God completed His work of creation, He rested from His labour on the seventh day – He rested from His work on the Sabbath. God was not tired or weary and needed to take a rest. Rather, His work of creation was finished and so He rested.

There is still a rest for the people of God – there is a Sabbath-rest for the people of God, but what does the writer of Hebrews mean when he talks about Sabbath-rest?


Hebrews 4:11

Because of disobedience and unbelief, the children of Israel did not enter into the rest that God had promised them. They treated the promises of God with disdain and paid little heed to His Word. Today, like them, we are called to give diligence to enter into God's rest, but we are also warned not to go astray in our hearts, as they did.

When we first trusted Christ as Saviour we received 'salvation rest', but as children of read more...

Hebrews 4:12

Jesus Christ is the Living Word of God, Who is traced to every page of the Written Word of God. All that He is, stands in stark contrast to all that we are. His penetrating eyes search out all the dross that is rooted in the fallen soul of man. His Word of Truth exposes everything in me that is not of Christ: my-self, my-hypocrisy, my-insincerity, and my-unbelief.

The Word of God is living, because He is the read more...

Hebrews 4:14

Not only is Jesus our Saviour and King, our Prophet and Lord, but He has also become our great High Priest. Jesus is God's anointed High Priest, through Whom we have been made fit to approach the grand and awesome throne of the most high God. His high priestly position is a heavenly one, and it is a position that is so much more superior to the earthly Levitical order, which came through Moses.

Christ's high priestly role is

Hebrews 4:15

In the Old Testament, the high priest was appointed of God to represent man to God, for sinful man cannot approach a holy God and needs a mediator to stand in the gap. The high priest is the one that stands between God and man, to offer sacrifices to Him, in order to atone for man's many sins. Every high priest from Aaron onward, was a representative of the final and ultimate High Priest, our Great High Priest, the Lord Jesus Christ.


Hebrews 4:16

What wonderful reassurance we have in Christ Jesus our Lord, for He is our Great High Priest, and heavenly Mediator. He is both the omnipotent God and our merciful Saviour. He is omniscient, but He is also filled with compassion and great goodness. He is both the eternal Son of God Who created the universe, but He is also the gracious Son of Man Who died and rose again so that through faith in Him we can come to the throne of grace.