What Does Psalm 23:2 Mean?

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

Psalm 23:2(KJV)

Verse Thoughts

Our Good and faithful Shepherd gently leads and guides the sheep of His pasture in the best way that each of us should go. He knows each of our names and He knows all of our needs and necessities. He is also aware of the dangers and difficulties that stalk each of our paths.

No matter how fraught and restless our lives may become, He is the One that will lead us to the still water-pools of refreshment, for He Himself is the Water of Life, and in Him is found rest for the soul, rest for all who traverse this world in the paths of righteousness en route to our heavenly home. He is the sparkling wellspring of comfort, and He gently leads us by His calm waters of stillness.

He knows just when to call us aside to rest awhile, it is His streams that make glad the city of God, and His pools of refreshment that rejoice the hearts of all His people.

When we have a heavenly Shepherd that supplies all our needs, how foolish to seek out the stagnant pools and broken cisterns of that this world supplies, and how careless to become engulfed in the floods of fancy that knock on our doors, or become embroiled in the whirlpools of life's disasters.

Oh, how we need to take this to heart, as the storms rage and the waves of disaster, disappointment, and trouble crash all around us. How vital it is to hold out our hand to the Lord Who will lead us beside the still, rejuvenating, refreshing waters of His love. 

Let us keep our eyes on Jesus, our Good Shepherd Who restores our soul by making us to lie down in green pastures and gently leading us beside his waters of stillness.

My Prayer

Father, thank You that You are all I need. Keep me from straying from Your path of righteousness, and may I drink deeply of You, day by day, and be rejuvenated, refreshed, and restored. In Jesus' name I pray, AMEN.

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