What Does Psalm 19:1 Mean?

The heavens are telling of the glory of God; And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.

Psalm 19:1(NASB)
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The magnificence of the immense universe declares the wonderful handiwork of our Creator God. It tells of the amazing work of His creative hand. It speaks to every person who has ever lived on this terrestrial globe.. of a caring God, Who created the heavens; formed the earth and fashioned all that was made in those six astonishing days of creation.

Not one person could be indifferent to the heavenly glories of the day-time sky and the countless wonders of the stunning night-time sphere.. as we gaze on the sun and moon and twinkling stars, which God in His grace placed into the heavens on the third day of creation. And God placed them there for signs and seasons.. for days and for years. They were created to shed their radiant glow and life-giving warmth onto the earth. They were fashioned to rule the day and establish the night, as a perpetual reminder of God's eternal goodness and His immeasurable greatness.

It was David, the shepherd king who was moved by the splendour and majesty of God's handiwork to pen this hymn of praise to his Creator God. No doubt David had watched in wonder as the planets danced across the night sky, or as the fruitful season of harvest rolled round to the lush springtime of new birth. No doubt David also recognised the unmistakable signature of his faithful God, Who was the good Shepherd, Who provided all he needed, led him in the paths of righteousness for His name's sake, and promised a table of plentiful supply in the face of his bitter enemies.

The wonder of the heavens tell forth the glory of God and the wider expanse of God's amazing creation continues to declare day by day of the amazing work of God's creative hands. Creation is one of two “books' (creation and conscience), that God has given to every man born of woman and every woman begotten of man. These 'scrolls' tell forth the wonders of His name. The shocking truth is that man in his pride and foolishness has refused to read, recognise and honour the signature of His Creator-God.. in His astonishing book of Creation and the inner witness of his own God-given conscience.

Man in the ignorance of his own folly has ignored the vast quantities of evidence that.. “in the beginning God.... Instead they have changed the glory of the incorruptible God into images made in the likeness of corruptible man - bowing down to false gods made like the sun, worshiping the moon and creating images in the likeness of birds, creatures and creeping reptiles!!

All men have been given irrefutable proof of God and His creative power through both creation and their own God-given consciences.. but most have failed to read, recognise and respond to the exterior evidence in the creation.. and the inner witness of their their own.. God-given consciences. Man through his foolish pride and wilful rebellion has ignored the outer witness of creation and has allowed the inner witness of conscience to become seared and irresponsive to God's declaration of His own mighty works.

We have also been blessed to receive a third “book' from our Creator God - The Holy Scripture, which details God's amazing plan of Salvation - that fallen man can be saved by grace through faith in the death, burial and resurrection of God's only begotten Son.. Who laid aside His heavenly glory to be born into this sinful, rebellious race of man.. so that all who believe in His sacrificial death and glorious resurrection - would not perish but have everlasting life..

My Prayer

Heavenly Father, when I look into the heavens and see the splendour of Your handiwork and the glories of Your creative power, I am moved as was David to proclaim Your glory and to declare the wonderful works of Your mighty hand. But when I look to the cross of Calvary and see Christ:- dead, buried and resurrected to life.. so that by faith in Him I might be reconciled back to God; be forgiven of my sins and become Your child and heir - I am lost in wonder love and praise, AMEN.

Picture courtesy of Space Science Institute

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