What Does Isaiah 38:14 Mean?

Like a swallow or a crane I chirp; I moan like a dove. My eyes are weary with looking upward. O Lord, I am oppressed; be my pledge of safety!

Isaiah 38:14(ESV)

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The deep and ongoing distress of Hezekiah the king is indeed heart-rending and pitiful and likened, not only to the continuous twittering of a swallow, flying hither and thither on its perpetual wings, but also to the sad and plaintive cry of a solitary dove, that is grieving for its mate.

The king here bemoans the desperation and despair of his heart when he discovered he was to set his house in order – for God had scheduled his death and he was to die and not live. And so, oppressed in his soul and with bitter weeping and eyes that grew weary of looking up to the heavens, he pleaded the Lord to stay His hand and restore his health, and Hezekiah rehearsed his many good deeds and service to the Lord. Hezekiah knew our times are in God’s hands and He alone is our only surety and pledge of safety for He has scheduled each day of our life.

But this is a prayer of thankful praise and joyful appreciation for the Lord healed him and extended the life of king Hezekiah, by 15 years.

No matter what the situation any one of us faces, God knows the end from the beginning. He knew us before we were born and knows our lives are full of difficulties and trials that can cause us deep distress.

We must never forget that our times are in His hands and when trials come, oppression hits, health fails, money is scarce, we must never forget that He knows, and He cares. It is right to plead our case before the Lord and it is good to expect the desire of our heart to be fulfilled.

When oppression hits or when troubles encompass us on every side we too must fly to the Lord as our only pledge of safety in Whom to rest. But we must never forget that He also knows best and that our dim eyes do not see the full perspective. Little did Hezekiah know that in the final years of his life he would sire the wicked king Manasseh, who did such evil in the sight of the Lord and who caused Israel’s final downfall.

Let us in humility of heart fly to the Lord for all our needs and trust in the Lord with all our hearts and lean not to our own understanding. It is right to pray for what we think is best, but we should always leave the final outcome in the hands of the Lord – Thy will be done in my life.

My Prayer

Loving Father I want to live my life in humble service to You, but I also want to entrust my life and the lives of those that I love into Your hands, especially in times of oppression and disappointments, knowing that You see the whole perspective and that all is working towards Your final, perfect plans and purposes. May Your will be done in my life and in my death, in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

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