Isaiah 45 Devotional Commentary

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Isaiah 45:21

Although the earlier chapters of Isaiah declare judgement on the ungodly pagan nations of the world for their evil ways and pronounce a series of 'woes' on the people of Israel because of their broken covenant, God also proclaimed deliverance upon His people and promised to send His chosen Servant to rescue them from their enemies.

Despite Isaiah's warnings about the Day of the Lord's judgement and His righteous vengeance on all read more...

Isaiah 45:22

Israel are God's chosen people, to whom belongs the adoption as sons, the glory of God, and His covenants. To them was given the Law, the Temple service, and His precious promises. And through this special nation was to be born the Messiah Who would save His people from their sin and bring in everlasting righteousness for all people.

As God's chosen nation, they were to tell the good news of the Saviour to a lost and dying world. read more...

Isaiah 45:23

Israel broke their covenant with God. They followed after idols instead of remaining true to their Lord. They were His chosen people, but did not carry out His instructions to be a light to the Gentiles or to tell the nations that God is the eternal Lord, the great Creator of the heavens, and He formed the earth.

As well as bringing God's punishment upon themselves because of their sinful idolatry, Israel refused to share the good news of salvation, as read more...