Isaiah 58 Devotional Commentary

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Isaiah 58:8

The two Testaments of the Bible are so closely interrelated that it has been said of Scripture: "The New is in the Old concealed, and the Old is in the New revealed." The content, message, progression, and information contained within the Old, often lays the foundation for its fulfilment in the New, where it is often expanded, explained, illuminated, revealed, or fulfilled – in the Person and Work of Christ Jesus.


Isaiah 58:11

The book of Isaiah is predominantly written to the people of Israel and takes them on the journey of God's redemptive plan, where the increasingly apostate nation is called to repent of their sins and return to the Lord their God. They are reminded that a Messiah is coming, but unless they repent of their sin, their continuing apostasy would seal their exile from the land that was given to their forefather, Abraham.

Isaiah