Isaiah 30 Devotional Commentary

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Isaiah 30:14

Although Isaiah described the rebellion of the people of Israel in the early verses of this chapter, and how they turned back to Egypt for succour and strength instead of looking to the Lord their God, we as the Body of Christ can learn some important lessons and apply its vital truths to our own lives, in this Church dispensation.

How foolish we are when we seek relief in the things of this world and turn to fleshly pursuits to read more...

Isaiah 30:18

The ongoing rebellion and apostasy of Israel is astonishing in consideration of all that the Lord did for His chosen nation. Despite the covenant that God made with His people and in spite of the many precious promises He gave them, they seemed intent on defying their Lord and turning their back on the grace He continuously showered on them.

Time and again, they relied on their own strength instead of trusting in the Lord their read more...

Isaiah 30:21

We have a wonderful God and throughout His Word we see over and again His loving-kindness, tender-mercies, and patient-endurance ever flowing out to His children and guiding us along the right pathway. We do not deserve it but He is true to His word and has promised never to leave us and always to lead and guide us in the way we should go, even during those times when we prove faithless – even on those occasions when we deliberately disobey Him or try to work read more...