Isaiah 64 Devotional Commentary

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Isaiah 64:1

In this passage, the little remnant of Israel were recalling the faithfulness of God and the wonderful way He led His people in the wilderness. They remembered His compassionate mercy and long-suffering kindness, when their forefathers were subjugated in the land of Egypt, and the Lord redeemed them from the hand of their enemy - and the grief they were currently going through was translated into a prayerful petition.

Their

Isaiah 64:8

The Lord created man in His own image. He built, made, and formed man after His own likeness. Humanity, though a fallen race, has its root in the Almighty Creator, and we can trace our beginnings back through Noah, to Seth the son of Adam, the son of God - the federal head of the human race.

God did not give up on His prideful, rebellious, disobedient creation, but in His omniscience knew that we would fall. And so He perfected read more...

Isaiah 64:12

God is always faithful. His promises are sure and His mercies are new every morning, but His ways are not our ways and His timings rarely fit in with our hopeful expectations. The Lord is true to His Word and His promises never fail, but things rarely happen the way that we expect. The Lord is merciful and His Word is true, but His appointed times rarely take place at the moment we would like.

But throughout Israel's chequered