Isaiah 49 Devotional Commentary

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Isaiah 49:5

Throughout the Old Testament, the Messiah of Israel is portrayed in two very distinct roles: 1) the suffering Servant of God and 2) the conquering King of Israel. They identify the Saviour in two contrasting ways: 1) the son of Joseph and 2) the son of David. But here in this forty-ninth chapter of Isaiah, we take a glimpse into one small aspect of the rejection, humiliation, and pain of the suffering Servant, the Holy One of Israel. He was anointed by God to be read more...

Isaiah 49:15

This verse picturing a mother with her nursing baby in her arms being soothed and comforted by her gentle cooing and light caresses, presents such a beautifully comforting picture of our own Heavenly Father Whose gentle entreaties to us calm our every fear and provide, generously and willingly, for our every need.

The stark truth is that much of today's mother-love is far from that which is mirrored in this touching picture – read more...