What Does Isaiah 49:15 Mean?

"Can a woman forget her nursing child And have no compassion on the son of her womb? Even these may forget, but I will not forget you.

Isaiah 49:15(NASB)
Picture courtesy of Anne Geddes

Verse Thoughts

This verse picturing a mother with her baby in her arms, suckling at her breast and being soothed and comforted by her gentle cooing and light caresses presents such a beautifully comforting picture of our own heavenly Father, Whose gentle entreaties to us calms our every fear and provides generously and willingly for our every need.

The stark truth is that much of today’s mother-love is far from that which is mirrored in this touching picture – but the comparison that the Lord is building-up in our imagination is that of a devoted mother – one that in all things does only what is good and beneficial for her tiny babe.

But every mother is flawed with an old sin nature and even the best of mother’s can neglect or forget their nursing child or the son of her womb. But the Lord will never forsake us. The tender-goodness and loving-kindness of the Lord is unchanging and unchangeable. His generous grace and great-mercies are for all time and throughout eternity.

If for nine long months a woman, as imperfect as she is, has protected the tiny form growing in her womb, suffered the agonies of labor and child-birth and then has drawn the tiny form to suckle nourishment from her breast – how much more will our loving heavenly Father love, protect and cherish us – who are His blood-bought children.

It was our loving Father Himself Who formed us, in secret, in our mother’s womb and scheduled each day of our life. It was our gracious Saviour Who suffered such agonies and laboured, in love - on the cross for us, to redeem us from our sins and make us His bride, and it was the Holy Spirit of love, Who wooed us and challenged us, convicted and finally breathed new life into our fallen frames – birthing us into God's family, and enlightening us with abundance of His life.

No matter what difficulties you or I are experiencing in our lives, let us take to heart the truth these gracious words remind us that there is nothing in heaven, or earth or under the earth that can separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus - nothing that will ever cause the Lord to forget you.

My Prayer

Precious Lord and heavenly Father, praise Your wonderful goodness for Your gracious compassion. Your promises of love are new every morning – great is Thy faithfulness. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

Picture courtesy of Vera Kratochvil

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