Isaiah 28 Devotional Commentary

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Isaiah 28:5

The prophets of old wrote of the coming Messiah Who would fight for Israel in their hour of greatest need, crush their enemies, set up His kingdom in the holy city of Jerusalem, seated on the throne of His father David. And yet the same prophets foretold that He be wounded for their transgressions, bruised for their iniquities, and would die a criminal's death before rising from the dead.

The prophets of old did not see the

Isaiah 28:12

Isaiah was sent by the Lord to minister to Israel. His mission was to point out their gross apostasy and encourage them to change their ways while warning them of the consequences that would follow, if they failed to repent of their sins and return to the Lord their God.

In this section before us, Isaiah had already prophesied of the coming Saviour Who would deliver them out of the hands of their enemies. He declared terrible read more...

Isaiah 28:15

Centuries of rebellion and idolatry dictated that God's chosen nation of Israel had to be punished because of sin and they would be taken into captivity until the time of the end. Isaiah's prolonged ministry gave details of how the Lord was to bring in a period of time - 'the Times of the Gentiles', during which Gentile nations would become supreme on earth, subjugate Israel, and govern the world, until God's people as a nation, repent of their sin.