Isaiah 32 Devotional Commentary

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Isaiah 32:2

From the fall of man in Genesis... to God's promise of restoration in Malachi, we see the unfolding story of God's wonderful redemptive plan in Old Testament Scriptures.

From the Seed of the woman with its promise of salvation... to God's own little 'book of remembrance,' and His pledge to judge the world in righteousness, the focus of our attention throughout the Old Testament Scripture is always centred on Christ, the hope of read more...

Isaiah 32:17

Israel were the people of God, whom He called into a covenant relationship with Himself to be a light to the Gentiles. And although they broke their covenant, despised their birthright, murmured against God, disobeyed His Law, and played the harlot with the false gods of the surrounding, pagan, Gentile nations, the Lord is gracious and good - He is merciful and of great kindness to His people, Israel.

But God is also a God of