Isaiah 26 Devotional Commentary

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Isaiah 26:3

In Isaiah 26, we see the prophet rehearsing a song of trust in the provision of God. He sings of how God will restore Israel, who will once again walk in righteousness and peace. After the coming judgement for their sin, a day will dawn when Israel will be redeemed and restored, and they will walk in the paths of righteousness and be covered with God's blanket of peace, for when the eyes of the heart is focused on the Lord, His perfect peace stills the soul and read more...

Isaiah 26:4

Peace is what people have yearned for down through the ages, and in this passage of scripture, the nation of Israel has just been given a glorious promise from God of His perfect peace - if only their minds are stayed on Him.

A little earlier in his prophecies to Israel, Isaiah called to their remembrance that God is their refuge and strength in every trial they face, and their everlasting Rock in the storms of life. He also read more...

Isaiah 26:9

In Revelation we read that, "Jesus is the spirit of prophecy," and here in Isaiah, we discover some amazing prophecies that relate to Christ's triumphant reign in the coming Millennial Kingdom.

On that day, we read that all believing Israel will be saved and in this passage, Isaiah gives an amazing testimony of that still-future time. He describes the worship and witness of a restored and converted Israel, when the earth read more...

Isaiah 26:12

Apart from a brief section outlining the miraculous conception and birth of their Messiah, the coming Millennial Kingdom of Christ, and God's urgent call for Israel to cleanse their idolatrous ways, the prophet Isaiah pronounced God's severe judgements on numerous nations and cities… including his own people.

After many chapters of judgement, we arrive at a lovely section of blessings where Israel will sing read more...