Isaiah 1 Devotional Commentary

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Isaiah 1:3

Of all the prophetic writings, Isaiah is one of the best loved books of the Bible. There are passages within its pages that contain detailed descriptions of Christ's suffering, sorrow, rejection, and death, as well as some beautiful illustrations of God's never-failing grace, His long-suffering mercy towards His people, Israel, and their final repentance and restoration.

However, here in his first few chapters, Isaiah uses some read more...

Isaiah 1:9

Much Old Testament writing pronounces judgement on apostate Israel and the surrounding pagan nations. But it also declares many gracious promises of restoration and renewal, for the tiny body of Israelite believers who faithfully maintain their trust in God's Word and hold fast to their hope in Him.

The first chapter of Isaiah makes some very serious accusations against unbelieving Israel because of their utter failure to adhere read more...

Isaiah 1:18

From their escape out of Egypt and throughout their long history the children of Israel rebelled against the Lord. Isaiah was one of many prophets of God who was inspired to record their gross idolatry and ungodly ways and to express God's bitter indictment of His chosen nation. And yet he also wrote of God's long-suffering patience, His loving-kindness and His never-failing tender-mercy towards His errant people.

Israel was