What Does Isaiah 7:14 Mean?

"Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, a virgin will be with child and bear a son, and she will call His name Immanuel.

Isaiah 7:14(NASB)

Verse Thoughts

Israel's apostacy had to be punished and the prophets gave stern warnings of impending judgement, with a call to national repentance.. but God in His grace promised to save a small remnant - although the nation would have to pass through an extended period of fire and water, and be dispersed among the nations.

But God sent a message of hope to Israel despite their persistent unbelief and blasphemous idolatry:- and the Lord Himself would give them a sign, which would authenticate the arrival of His anointed Saviour - the Seed of the woman, the Messiah of Israel and royal descendent of the great king David - and He would save His people from their sins. What a glorious pronouncement was made on that day.

A virgin would conceive and give birth to their Saviour.. Who would be called Immanuel - God With Us : God incarnate. The immortal, invisible eternal God was to be born into the world as a tiny baby and He would save His people, Israel from their sins - and through Him, all the families of the earth would be blessed.

A child was to be born of a virgin, for God was to give His only begotten Son; and the government would be upon His shoulder, and His name would be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father - Prince of Peace.

There are twenty two astonishing Messianic prophesies in the book of Isaiah and each one points to the Lord Jesus Christ as its glorious fulfillment, while hundreds more thread their way through the prophetic Holy Scriptures.

The Word of the Lord is sure and every prophetic pronouncement in the Scriptures has or will reach its ultimate fulfillment in Christ - for God's Word is sure, His faithfulness is everlasting, His truth endures from one generation to the next - and His promises are yes and amen in Christ Jesus our Lord.

My Prayer

Heavenly Father, You alone are wise and good. Thank You for the truths that are contained in Your holy Word. Thank You that by Your grace You told the end from the beginning and sent Your Son to be born of a virgin and become the full and final atonement for our sin. Thank You that Jesus walked the earth as a Man, and understands the limitations of our humanity. Thank You that He helps us in our trials and temptations and we praise Your name that He is coming back one day, to finalise His authority over sin, the world and the devil - to Him be all the glory, world without end - AMEN.

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