What Does Isaiah 54:17 Mean?

Verse Thoughts

Our confidence rests upon the sure promises of our all-powerful God, Who reminds us throughout His Word that He is the almighty sovereign ruler of the universe, and He has given us His assurance that no weapon.. whether physical or spiritual, will proper against His blood-bought children. Out trust is in the God of our salvation for He has given us His assurance that every accusational tongue will be silenced, and ever judgemental charge against us shall be condemned - and God has placed His word above His holy name.

His is the power and the kingdom and the glory, and no enemy of His church will prevail against His chosen ones. Whatever insidious devices are constructed and whatever devious schemes are formed against the people of God, they will one day be condemned and their conspiracies against us will utterly fail.. their plans will fall and the instruments of their warfare will not prosper.

We must never fear those that can only war against our bodies, which like the grass-of-the-field is here for one brief moment in the history of eternity, for greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world, but rather we must rejoice in the Lord, knowing that our eternal souls are secure in Christ.

The Lord formed us in our mother's womb and scheduled each day of our lives. He knows every step we take and no matter what difficulties we encounter of what the enemy of our soul schemes against us, the Lord knows the way of His righteous ones, and He works in every circumstance of life to our eternal good and for His greater glory.

Let us depend on the Word of truth for His protection from all dangers, knowing that the angel of His presence encamps around all Who are His.. Let us rest on the assurances of His presence in every one of life's difficulties knowing that no weapon that is formed against us will prosper; and that every tongue that accuses is in judgement will be condemned.

Let us remain confident in His superlative promises of grace, which are the heritage of the saints - for the tongues that rise up in accusation against the people of God will one day be silenced forever at His Great White throne of judgement...  "and they will know that I have loved you..." This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their vindication is from our almighty Saviour.

My Prayer

Thank You Father that there is nothing in the physical or spiritual realm that can triumph over me and that I am secure, in Christ, against every accusation of the enemy. Help me never to fear those that seek to harm me in word or deed, but rather help me to be a faithful witness of Your steadfast grace in the place where You have put me. In Christ’s name I pray. AMEN.

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