What Does Revelation 5:7 Mean?

And He came and took the book out of the right hand of Him who sat on the throne.

Revelation 5:7(NASB)

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John is given a glimpse of the heavenly throne-room of the great God of the universe, Who held the seven-sealed scroll in His right hand. John instinctively knew that unless this scroll was opened, and the seven seals broken, God could neither complete His plans and purposes for mankind nor absolve Himself from Satan's accusations - and so the distraught apostle wept bitterly, for there was no man that was worthy to open the scroll or even to look at it.

But one of the elders cried, "Stop weeping! Behold, the Lion that is from the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has overcome. He will open the book and unseal its seven seals". It was as John's misty eyes began to clear that he looked and saw Jesus the Messiah before him. He appeared as a vulnerable little Lamb, that had been slaughtered, and He was standing between the throne and the four living creatures, in the midst of the elders.

A Lamb not only represents humility and gentleness, but also sacrificial love. This little Lamb appeared as if it had just been slain because it retained the bloody marks of sacrifice. And yet, it had seven horns, that spoke of omnipotent strength and heroic spirit. And it had seven eyes, which denoted omniscient knowledge and all-knowing understanding. He was of the lineage of David and He was a root of Jesse. He alone was worthy to open the seven-sealed scroll, for He was both a member of the eternal Godhead and the one, perfect member of humanity.

No created being, either angelic or human, was found worthy to take the scroll and to break its seven seals. No one was worthy to win back the creation for the Lord God. No one had the character, credentials, authority, or ability to open the scroll which would dictate the course of creation and affect the lives of every created being. Only the Lamb of God was worthy to open the scroll. Only the eternal Son, Who set aside His glory and was born into the human race to die for me and you, was worthy to open the scroll.

The Lamb of God, Who takes away the sin of the world, was crucified 2000 years ago. But He rose from the dead and is the same Lamb that John saw in the midst of the throne of God, Who displayed His marks of sacrifice. He is the Lamb Who paid the price of sin for all who believe on His name and He alone took the punishment that we deserve when He died on the cross in our place, so that we would not be appointed to God's wrath.

The judgement of our sin was laid on Him, and by faith, we have been declared righteous in the eyes of the Father. By grace through faith, we will not face the wrath that must be poured out on a God-hating, Christ-rejecting, sinful world. However, the Lamb Who died on the cross, also sits on the throne, and is worthy to unseal the scroll which will open the flood-gates of God's justified judgement on a world that rejected His offer of reconciliation and a people, who refused to believe on the name of His only begotten Son for the salvation of their souls.

John tells us that "He came and took the book out of the right hand of Him Who sat on the throne." No surprise that the entire heavenly company began to worship and adore Him, for justice was about to be meted-out on God's enemies, after six thousand years of angelic conflict. And as we glimpse forward into chapter 6, we know that the breaking of the first seal will bring the rider of a white horse onto the world scene as the opening scenario in the great, and dreadful Day of the Lord. Redemption's final act.

Zephaniah tells us it will be a day of wrath; a day of trouble and distress; a day of destruction and desolation; a day of darkness and gloom; a day of clouds and thick darkness and a day of trumpet and battle cry against the fortified cities and the high towers. Isaiah describes it as a cruel day with fury and burning anger, which will make the land a desolation.

It is a time when God will exterminate sinners from the earth. A time when the stars of heaven and their constellations will not flash forth their light. The sun will be dark when it rises and the moon will not shed its light. And God will punish the world for its evil and judge the wicked for their iniquity. He will also put an end to the arrogance of the proud and abase the haughtiness of the ruthless.

No one knows the exact time when the Lamb will take the book from the right hand of Him, Who sits on the throne and opens the seven-sealed scroll. No one knows the day and hour when God's plans and purposes will start to be executed, as the Lamb breaks the first seal. But in his vision of the future, John witnessed the opening moments of the coming Day of the Lord, which will start with 7 terrible years of tribulation and will conclude with 1000 years of peace and prosperity, when the earth will be filled with the glory of God and Christ Jesus will rule as King of kings and Lord of lords.

My Prayer

Heavenly Father, what a great and mighty God You are, and what magnificent plans You have purposed to bring all things to completion. Help me to develop an attitude of gratitude for all that You have purposed for me and for all who love You. You are a good and loving Father Who never changes, and whose promises stand fast forever and ever. May I never forget all the things You have done, the things You are doing, and the things that have been purposed in the days ahead. Use me in the closing days of this Church age for Your praise and glory. This I ask in Jesus’ name, AMEN.

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