Revelation 2 Devotional Commentary

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Revelation 2:7

On at least 3 occasions in the gospels, we hear the Lord Jesus giving a warning on the importance of hearing His message, "He that hath ears to hear, let him hear." However, in a couple of chapters in Revelation we have this same warning given to the Church, seven times, with additional instruction, "He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches."


Revelation 2:10

Smyrna is one of the 7 Churches mentioned in Revelation. This small body of spirit-filled believers faced serious poverty, and yet they were commended by the Lord Jesus because they were spiritually rich. They were also severely persecuted by Rome and slandered by the Jews for the sake of Christ.

Unlike other churches, they were not admonished or rebuked by the Lord Jesus, but they did receive some special words of read more...

Revelation 2:11

Bitter suffering and significant poverty had to be endured by the persecuted believers in the church at Smyrna, but unlike His letters to the other six churches in the book of Revelation, Christ gave no rebuke to this little Christian community.

Smyrna means 'myrrh', which refers to the sweet-smelling perfume used to embalm the dead... and like their suffering Saviour, these believers in Smyrna were going through some of the worst read more...

Revelation 2:25

From the very beginning of the Christian Church, false teachers have abounded and deceitful doctrines of demons have tortured and twisted the good news of the gospel, blinding the eyes of the unsaved and causing many believers to be led astray.

The serious problem of twisting God's Word and causing many to stray from the truth and adopt another gospel, can clearly be seen in the challenging letters Christ delivers to the seven read more...

Revelation 2:26

There were things that were good in the church at Thyatira and there were men who were faithful to the Lord... but there was much that was unbiblical and many of their members entered into immorality and idolatry - having a form of godliness and yet denying the Lord Who bought them.

When a body of believers or denomination chooses to compromise the truth of the glorious gospel of grace, we identify a church that corrupts its read more...

Revelation 2:29

The Lord Jesus wrote seven letters to the seven churches in the book of Revelation, one of which was addressed to the church at Thyatira. He gave the people there an important message and a solemn warning. They were to listen carefully to the content of this epistle and they were all charged, "He who has an ear... let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches."

The instruction to hear what the Spirit says to the read more...