Revelation 19 Devotional Commentary

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Revelation 19:8

The Church, which is Christ's Body, is the Bride. Christ, Who is the Lamb of God, is our holy, heavenly Bridegroom. Indeed, the excitement and happiness that surrounds an earthly wedding is a dim shadow of the wonderful joy and glorious thrill that will take place at the marriage of the Lamb.

We are told that, "it was given to the Bride to clothe herself in fine, clean, bright linen," and then we discover that read more...

Revelation 19:11

The second coming of Christ was foretold in the old and new testaments. It is that future occasion when Christ intervenes at the end of that terrible time of Jacob's trouble when He will return in power and great glory to set up His long awaited kingdom on earth, and bring in a time of peace and prosperity for all.

His disciples longed to know what would be the the sign of His coming, the end of the age and the start of His read more...

Revelation 19:13

The return of Christ to set up His Millennial Kingdom, the destruction of the wicked, the rejoicing in heaven that accompanies His second advent as Supreme Ruler of the universe, and the marriage supper of the Lamb, is the focus of Revelation chapter 19. 

Not only is this the climatic chapter of the entire book, but it reaches the glorious consummation of God's redemptive plan, when He establishes His King on Zion's holy hill. read more...

Revelation 19:16

A day is coming when Christ will judge the world in righteousness and all His judgements are faithful and true, for He is the express image of the invisible God Who has united justice with peace - and His everlasting name is the 'Word of God'.

He is the express image of the invisible God and the full radiance of God's glory. He is the exact representation of His eternal being Who sustains all things by the might of His powerful read more...