What Does Matthew 2:11 Mean?

After coming into the house they saw the Child with Mary His mother; and they fell to the ground and worshiped Him. Then, opening their treasures, they presented to Him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Matthew 2:11(NASB)

Verse Thoughts

Sages, from far away eastern lands, travelled a great distance, because they heard that the King of the Jews had been born. They were divinely guided, and followed a star that rose in the east – which would lead them to Jesus.

Some suggest that they were descendants of wise men, who had been taught by Daniel the prophet, that 490 years would pass, from the issuing of the decree to rebuild the city of Jerusalem and the House of God – until the coming of Messiah, the Prince” – the anointed King of Israel. Some suggest that this group of wise men, had calculated that the time for His visitation was near – and the star, that rose in the east, confirmed their calculations

Having followed the star from the east, they arrived in Jerusalem, where they were to learn, from Jewish Scribes and Pharisees, that they were searching for the promised Messiah of Israel, who would be born in Bethlehem of Judea – as prophesied by the prophet Micah.

Whoever they were, and wherever they were from, these wise men were searching for the truth – and they found Him in a little house, with His mother, Mary – and fell down, and worshiped Him.

These wise men had been divinely directed in their search, and were justly rewarded. After coming into the house, and seeing the Lord Jesus, with Mary His mother, they fell to the ground and worshiped Him. These men knew that Jesus was no ordinary child. He was not simply born to be a king, but was the promised Prince of Peace. He was the One Who was anointed by God to be the King of kings and the Lord of lords – Who alone is worthy of worship and praise.

Then, opening their treasures, these great sages from the east, presented Him with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Many suggest that the richness of gold represents Christ’s deity, kingship and glory. The beautiful perfume of frankincense is said to signify His sacrifice, priesthood and perfection, while the bitter taste of myrrh depicts Him as Prophet, and represents His suffering and death on the cross.

Whatever their symbolism – these gifts from Gentile sages, who had journeyed from the east to find Jesus, gave Joseph the means to provide for Mary and Jesus, during His sojourn in Egypt – as Herod carried out his murderous attempts to destroy His life.

However, the beautiful picture of these Gentile sages, arriving from faraway lands, with gifts – was one that was foretold by Isaiah the prophet, centuries earlier, for he wrote that Gentiles will come bringing gifts of gold and frankincense, and will bear good news of the praises of the Lord.

My Prayer

Heavenly Father, thank You for the lovely picture of these wise men, seeking Jesus, and finding Him to be the heavenly Prophet, Priest and King, about whom the Scriptures wrote. Thank You that I have also been guided to worship at His feet, and thank You for the sacrifice of His perfect life – in payment for my sins. It is with humility of heart and grateful thanks, that I offer myself as a living sacrifice, and pray that I will have an opportunity to bear the good news of salvation to others – to the praise of our God and Saviour, in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

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