Matthew 3 Devotional Commentary

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Matthew 3:2

While Matthew chapter 2 determines the historical timing for the birth of Jesus and John the Baptist... in the days of 'king Herod the Great', chapter 3 pinpoints the start of John's witness, in preparation for the ministry and mission of Jesus the Messiah, the royal Son of David, the promised Seed of Abraham.

Both men had a miraculous birth. Both were anointed of God and came in fulfilment of prophecy. Both came to call Israel read more...

Matthew 3:11

John the Baptist was speaking directly to many unrepentant and prideful Pharisees and Sadducees whom he scolded with various blistering accusations. He called them 'a fruitless generation of vipers', whom God in His wrath was preparing to chop down and cast into the fire.

They boasted of being 'children of God' because they were Abraham's physical descendants. However, they were ill-prepared to harken to John's voice in the read more...

Matthew 3:15

Jesus travelled all the way from Galilee to be baptised of John in the Jordan. It was not a baptism of repentance for which John was commissioned of God (in order to prepare the nation of Israel for their coming Messiah), but in order to fulfil all righteousness.

The young carpenter of Nazareth was God incarnate Who, in His humility, had kept every aspect of God's holy Law. His baptism in the Jordan was an essential action to be read more...

Matthew 3:17

It was at the start of Christ's ministry that Jesus walked from His hometown in Galilee to the River Jordan to be baptised by John, to be anointed by the Holy Spirit, and to be confirmed as God's only Begotten Son and Israel's promised Messiah. And the significance of Christ's baptism is staggering.

John was the final pre-Cross prophet of God who, like his predecessors, was calling the people of Israel to repent and to turn back read more...