Matthew 2 Devotional Commentary

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Matthew 2:6

Each of the four Gospels has its own emphasis, and Matthew's target audience are the Jewish people. Throughout his Gospel, Matthew makes numerous references to prophetic Scriptures in the Old Testament. He skilfully introduces people and prophecies in his writings, to show that they have their fulfilment in the Lord Jesus Christ, His ministry, and His mission.

As if to lay the foundation for his specific focus, Matthew begins his read more...

Matthew 2:11

Sages from far away eastern lands, travelled a great distance because they heard that the King of the Jews had been born. They were divinely guided and followed a star that rose in the east – which would lead them to Jesus.

Some suggest that they were descendants of wise men who had been taught, by Daniel the prophet, that 490 years would pass from the issuing of the decree to rebuild the city of Jerusalem and the House of God, until the coming of read more...