What Does Matthew 1:21 Mean?

She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins."

Matthew 1:21(ESV)

Verse Thoughts

Christ is born in Bethlehem, is the line of a much-loved carol, but those words are pregnant with meaning, for the birth of this baby was for a divine purpose, Christ was born as part of God's eternal plan for man. Jesus was born to save His people from their sins and Joseph, the carpenter from Nazareth was given the divine office and responsibility of becoming earthly father to God's only begotten, heavenly Son, and he was further instructed to give this anointed Son of God the name of Jesus, which is the name above all names and which means God is my Salvation; Jehovah is Saviour - and Jesus is my Saviour and yours.

It must have been such an amazing and joyful revelation to Joseph, who up to this time had been grieving that the girl he loved so dearly and had desired to become His wife had been unfaithful to him. But instead it was revealed to him that the child she was carrying would be a little boy, Whose name was to be called Jesus and that He was to save His people Israel, from their sins - indeed He was to become a light for the gentiles and the Saviour to the whole human race.

What an incredible privilege was given to this righteous young man, to become the adoptive father to the Son of God. He was chosen by God to take responsibility for the upbringing and training of the Messiah of Israel. He was to bestow legitimacy; legality and lineage upon the Son that had been conceived in the womb of Mary, by the Holy Ghost - for like his betrothed wife he also was of the house and lineage of King David and the Son who was to be born into his family was to be great David's greater Son.

The hope of the world was born into the family of Joseph the humble carpenter our Salvation was accomplished with the death of Jesus, who by faith redeemed us from our sins and transferred us, from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of His glorious light.

But salvation means so much for it embraces the gift of the indwelling Holy Spirit, Who sanctifies us and conforms us into the image of Jesus. It covers the Spirit's enabling power to overcome the world, the flesh and spiritual wickedness in high places - which are the wiles of the enemy against the Lord most High. It guides in us the darkness and is a defence in danger. It sustains the fainting heart and overcomes the power of death. It bestows eternal life and exalts us to sit in heavenly places. It lifts us up out of the miry clay and sets our feet forever on Jesus, Who is the Rock of our Salvation. And 2000 years ago, a young man called Joseph the carpenter was entrusted with the earthly parentage of Jesus - Who was sent by God to save His people from their sins.

My Prayer

Thank You Father for the gift of Your only begotten Son and the unfolding of Your eternal plan of Salvation, which started as a tiny seed in the woman, travelling through time until He was born as a tiny baby in Bethlehem and given the wonderful name of JESUS by His earthy guardian. He truly is my Salvation and I thank You for His life, His example and His redeeming work on Calvary's cross. May the name of Jesus be lifted today, and I pray that I may be used by You to share this truth with lost souls who need a Saviour, in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

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