Acts 4 Devotional Commentary

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Acts 4:8

It was on the day of Pentecost that Christ's amazing promise was fulfilled: "John baptised with water," Jesus told them, "but you will be baptised with the Holy Spirit, not many days from now."

It was only ten days later, that Christ's promise was fulfilled. His faithful followers, who obeyed His instruction to wait in Jerusalem for the Promise of the Father "were gloriously read more...

Acts 4:12

The world at large and man, in particular, has for thousands of years been on a desperate search for meaning in life – for love and health, for peace and prosperity, for youth and beauty, and for a perfect dwelling place of eternal bliss and over-abounding happiness. Humanity as a whole and each individual personally is looking for salvation from the evils of this world. Each one longs to escape the pain, suffering, and disappointments that are the inevitable read more...

Acts 4:31

Being baptised into the body of Christ, sealed by the Spirit of God, and having Him take up permanent residence in our mortal body, are some of the wonderful ministries that take place the moment a sinner believes in Christ and trusts the Lord Jesus for the forgiveness of sins and eternal salvation.

These supernatural ministries occur once in the life of every believer at the point of salvation. They change our relationship with read more...

Acts 4:33

Too often, we look at the great power with which the apostles in the early Church gave testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ and the abundant grace which they received from God in their powerful witness, and bemoan the fact that this is no longer the case today. So what was so different about the inspiring testimony of the early Church, compared with the ineffectiveness of present-day believers?

One significant difference is that the