Acts 5 Devotional Commentary

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Acts 5:3

One of the hallmarks of the fledgling Christian Church, was that they moved in the power of the Spirit and great grace was upon them all. Now, although the Holy Spirit was already indwelling those that were saved, the full canon of Scripture had yet to be written and certain elements of their practice, including communal living, were a hallmark of these early believers.

Times were hard during these opening days of the church. read more...

Acts 5:14

The early Church had to overcome some serious challenges. They had to come to terms with moving from the pre-Cross period of the Law to the post-Cross dispensation of the grace of God. They had to come to an agreement on their set of beliefs and the gospel they were to teach, if the Christian Church was to survive.

Before the Cross, sin was temporarily covered, year by year, until the Messiah came to redeem read more...

Acts 5:15

Three thousand people were saved on the day of Pentecost, and so powerful was the gospel that Peter and the other apostles taught, that the numbers of Christian converts grew with each passing day. Not only did they preach the good news of Christ's death, burial, and resurrection, and open up the Old Testament scriptures to the people of Israel, but they also healed many sick people, in those early days of the Christian Church.