Acts 13 Devotional Commentary

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Acts 13:22

Israel was unique among the nations for they were God's chosen people and He was their King. Israel is still unique among the nations and remains His chosen people.. but Israel rebelled against the Lord.. desiring to be ruled like the gentile nations, in preference to living under God's divine leadership.

God granted their request and gave them Saul to be their king, but because of his disobedience God removed Israel's dashing read more...

Acts 13:38

Generally, in the New Testament, the word 'brethren' is used to refer to our brothers and sisters in Christ, and in certain passages believers are also addressed as 'holy brethren'.

However, there are other times when 'brothers' or 'brethren' refers only to the physical decedents of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob – circumcised in the read more...