Luke 3 Devotional Commentary

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Luke 3:7

It was in the 15th year of the reign of Tiberius, that the voice of John the Baptist resounded across the wilderness: "Prepare ye way of the Lord. Make His path straight." The humble in heart would be saved and satisfied, while the proud and arrogant would be brought low. Dishonest men would become morally upright, while those that were uncouth and crude would become submissive and refined.

John had been

Luke 3:16

John the Baptist strode onto the pages of history after 400 years of prophetic silence. He came as the forerunner of the Jewish Messiah. He was sent in fulfilment of Isaiah's prophecy, for John referred to himself as 'a voice crying the wilderness'. "Prepare ye the way of the Lord,"  he shouted, "Make His path straight."

Many wondered if John was the Messiah, but he vehemently denied this and bore witness that read more...

Luke 3:21

It was only after all the people had been baptised that finally Jesus came to the banks of the Jordan to be baptised of John, the final prophet and priest of Israel and forerunner of the Messiah. Oh, He was not being baptised with John's baptism of repentance, for the holy Lamb of God was sinless.

Jesus had come to fulfil all the righteous requirements of the Law that were demanded for the role of God's High Priest. And so, like read more...

Luke 3:22

The baptism of the Lord Jesus is a beautiful picture of the Trinity working in harmony, and this verse is a glorious illustration of the Godhead meeting in unity. What an astonishing happening that Father, Son, and Holy Spirit should unite at this significant moment in history, when the eternal Son of God as the perfect Son of Man is commissioned to begin His earthly ministry to a lost and dying world.

Christ was in prayer when

Luke 3:23

It appears that His baptism in the Jordan was a particular milestone in Christ's life, which divided His three and a half year ministry from His pre-ministerial period. It was while Jesus was praying at His baptism that the voice of God was heard authenticating Him as "My beloved Son, in Who I am well pleased," while the Spirit of God descended upon Him in bodily form - like a Dove.

Luke includes Christ's genealogy at

Luke 3:38

The host of heaven and shining stars were created of God in one mighty moment: "Let there be..." But God formed one man from the dust of the ground that He has just created "and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being in the image of God." Adam became the unique father of the race of men "and Adam was of God."

Every human being was not